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Consulting - Systemic approach (Palo Alto School)

"For harmonious relationships at work"

-Improve the quality of work relationships

-Reduce tensions and conflicts

-Create a pleasant working atmosphere


Consulting in Strategy "Find your why" (mission)

"Finding meaning, committing to great causes"

-Define your why (your mission)

-Contribute to the common good

-Be aligned with your mission and commit yourself

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Consulting "Wellness in the workplace"

"Feeling good at work"

-Develop your inner resources

-Manage your time, get organized, focus

-Feel well at work, find meaning in your work


Consulting "Caring Leadership"

"For a caring management"

-Become a caring leader 

-Listen, accompany, inspire

-Establish a climate of trust


Consulting "Women in Business"

"Give women their right place"

-Help women assert themselves at work

-Work on women's self-confidence

-Harmonize gender relations


Tailor-made Consulting

"Co-constructing the Consulting offer"

-I listen to your specific needs

-I offer specific answers adapted to your goals

-I propose flexible and adaptable advice

How does Consulting work?

Consulting generally revolves around 3 main stages :

1) Diagnosis

-Understanding the situation through a survey (interviews, meetings, observations etc)

-Offering a report that gives a portrayal of the situation (as close to reality as possible)

-Exchanging on this first diagnostic step to ensure a common understanding of the situation

2) Analysis

-Offering an analysis of the situation as we understand it

-Using conceptual tools to interpret the situation

-Proposing hypotheses explaining the underlying mechanisms of the situation

3) Recommendations

-Proposing recommandations for action

-Offering possible interventions

-Questioning future perspectives

For more information on Consulting and prices: please contact me (see contact)

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