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Self-confidence Workshop

Developing and strengthening

your self-confidence

Motivation Workshop

Understanding and Activating

the mechanisms of motivation

Caring Leadership Workshop

Developing the skills of a caring leader

mindful of everyone in their uniqueness

Wellness Workshop

Learning the ways of cultivating

daily well-being


Positive Visualization Workshop

Developing resilience tools

using your imagination

Support group

Learning to exchange with empathy

with your colleagues

Introduction to Mindfulness

Learning to practice Mindfulness 

and enjoying its benefits

Tailor-made Workshop

Co-constructing  a workshop together

tailored to meet your needs

What is a Workshop?

Workshops are group sessions to work on a particular theme. They are primarily based on exchange, allowing everyone to express themselves while listening to each other. They generally take place in three stages:

* A short introduction that aims at asking relevant questions and bringing knowledge on the subject of the day (based on sociology, neurosciences, philosophy etc.)

* A moment of discussion between participants on the subject of the day, the difficulties they face, how they deal with a specific issue.

* A phase of reflection on the solutions that can be found and the actions or exercises to be implemented to overcome these difficulties.


    How do Workshops work?


* Duration : They usually last 1h30 to 2 hours.

* Frequency: They can be held occasionally or regularly (for example every month)


* Number of participants: The workshops are generally held in small groups to allow everyone to express themselves.

For more details on the Workshops and prices : please contact me (see contact)

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