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What is the Ideas Lab?

Do you need to brainstorm on a subject ?

Do you need an outside opinion on an idea?

Are you short on ideas, stuck or with ideas that are not clear ?

=>The Ideas Lab is for you! My added value: My Ph.D in social sciences.


The goal of the Ideas Lab is to help generate, develop and highlight ideas


    Ideas, the new capital

* The creation of the Ideas Lab is based on the observation that some people have ideas but they are not yet developed, structured, highlighted.

* In a world where competition is increasingly based on ideas, it is important to invest in the intellectual and creative fields.

* The Ideas Lab is based on three key actions : learning, connecting ideas, changing perspective

      How does the Ideas Lab work?

* The sessions are individual ou in group (co-development).

* They can be occasional or regular (over a longer time of period)

* The duration of a session : 1h to 2 hours


A key concept : co-constructing


* Once the ideas have emerged, they are structured, developed and highlighted, 

* I help you find their application and implementation


* It is about building together a way to implement them in everyday life.


=>I really value the importance of co-construction





You do not have precise ideas 

on a subject yet?

     I help you:

     -Do research & reading


     -Discuss them


You have ideas, but they need to be expressed and developed?

I help you:


-Exchange and build connections

-Get your ideas straight


You have ideas, but they are not

yet well defined :

      I help you

      -Articulate them, phrase them

      -Structure them

      -Highlight them

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